How to Submit a Free Question to AHA Central Office

Create an Account

There is no fee to submit a question, but you must create an account before submitting a question to the AHA Central Office. The AHA Central Office needs complete contact information in order to request additional information and to send the official response to you. To create an account, hit Log In and you will be prompted to enter your name and e-mail address. The system will check for potential duplicate records. If any are found, please review. If there are no matches, continue through the registration process.

The following fields are required: your name, organization, address, password and security question. If there are no matches to your organization (place of business) in our database, please select “create new” from the drop down list and enter the business information. Once your account is created, please allow up to 3 business days for your account to be activated.

Submitting Questions

All questions submitted are processed free of charge. You may submit up to three questions per one login session. Each question and related materials must be submitted separately in order to be assigned a unique tracking number and receive a response.

We recommend including documents that provide context to the question being submitted. Do not submit any document that contains Personal Health Information (PHI), physician name(s) or hospital name(s). Any question submission or related document that includes PHI, physician names, or hospital names will immediately be rejected. The question will not be accepted or answered.

If you made a mistake with your question submission (i.e., forgot to include the attachment or inadvertently important information from the question description section), please email to notify us of the issue. Please include the tracking number. Do not send the missing information via e-mail or resubmit the question. Both will significantly delay processing the question.