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Mental health; mental disorders; ICD-10-CM; medical coding; awareness

Learn to Code: Mental Disorders

5 min readMay is Mental Health Awareness Month, a time to eradicate stigma around mental disorders and provide support for the millions of Americans w...
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ICD-10-CM; Parkinson's; Parkinson's Disease; Parkinsonism; awareness; medical coding

Learn to Code: Parkinson’s Disease

2 min readDid you know? April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month! Read more to learn about Parkinson’s Disease, its symptoms, and how it is classified in ...

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Medical Coding; HCPCS; ICD-10-CM; ICD-10-PCS

What Is Medical Coding?

5 min readThe medical coding systems currently used in the United States are ICD-10-CM/PCS and HCPCS (Level I CPT codes and Level II National Codes). ...