For more than 12 years, the AHA Central Office has offered quizzes that support your Continuing Education efforts. Quizzes are available in each quarterly issue of AHA Coding Clinic® and may be copied for use by entire health information management departments.

For more information on the AHA Coding Clinic® quiz, please call 312-422-3366.


Before taking a quiz, we highly recommend having the AHA Coding Clinic issue listed in the quiz title nearby for reference. All of the questions and answers on the quiz are based on that particular issue.

For questions with multiple answers, you must separate your answers with a comma and then a space. (Example: 0NS0052, 0NU00J2)

For ICD-10 quizzes, please make sure you use the alphabetical and numerical characters correctly. (Example: 06H033Z; NOT O6HO33Z)

For ICD-10 quizzes, please be sure to show dotted code when necessary. (Example: K35.20; NOT K3520)

Please read: your credit card will be charged prior to taking the quiz.

Download a copy of a quiz  you wish to take by clicking on the link below and include all pages with your payment.



AHA Coding Quiz - First Quarter 2022 ICD-10



AHA Coding Quiz - First Quarter 2022 HCPCS